Dot One IoT Starter Bundle

Dot One IoT Starter Bundle

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Start to explore the Internet of Things & build your own connected device with the Dot One Starter Bundle. 

This bundle contains the Dot One - an IoT development board - along with a Grove Connector and three Sensor Modules. 

The Dot One IoT Starter Bundle is perfect for exploring the Internet of Things, as a great techy gift, or to get your innovation team thinking in terms of IoT! Build projects like a home weather station, a smart plant-watering reminder, or a security system easily with the Wia Cloud!

Bundle Contents:

1 x Dot One Development Board
1 x Grove Connector Module
1 x High-Accuracy Temperature Module
1 x PIR (Passive Infrared) Sensor
1 x Moisture Sensor
3 x Grove Cables
1 x Micro USB


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Note - This bundle has a lead time of approximately two weeks