Dot One Temperature & Humidity Module

Temperature & Humidity Module

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Start learning, building, and creating electronics projects with the Dot One Temperature & Humidity Module

Note - This module requires the Grove Connector module to work with the Dot One

This Temperature & Humidity module works with the Dot One to gather ambient temperature and humidity values in a given area. Design your own IoT projects to do something smart with this information like building a Home Weather Station to ensure your pet doesn't get too hot or cold!

Approximately 45mm x 20mm, this device connects to the Dot One via the Grove Module. Simply align the notches on the Grove Module and the board and plug in the pins, then use the connector cable to connect the Temperature & Humidity Module. Follow our tutorials and explore the resources in the IoT community to create your very own IoT application.

Check out some of the projects we've built using the Temperature & Humidity module on our Hackster channel. We've also published the CAD files needed if you want to 3D print any of the cases used in our projects up on Thingiverse account.